About Notatag

In NOTATAG, we are aspired to create an online learning-content sharing platform.

Free for the learners, free for educators.
Promoting free education regardless of color,race, and background. Our vision in enhancing learning culture among students begins since preschool education, primary education, secondary education, post-secondary education and tertiary education in Malaysia.

We are aspired to invite educators from different subjects and expertise, to contribute notes, exercises and other learning materials, to help students who aims to excel but still struggle to understand any academic topic. We believe learning can be through different forms, and here we want to help you study easily and creatively.

Introducing our tools and features in NOTATAG:

Create your own version of notes and tips, either in the form of mind-mapping diagrams, Cliff notes, summary slides, or any sort of mnemonic you find effective to learn, and share among similar type of learners like yourself.

Try on the quiz and exercises in your preferred topics, practice more on what youhave learned. You can also create your version of quiz as well, see if your friends are able tosolve it.

Past Year Papers:
What you can do with a 100% scores exam papers? Invite your schoolteachers to share the exam papers questions, and share your answers to your juniors, guide them to excel like how you did.

Discuss academic topics among your peers, seek for the right mentors. We hope you could get help with your homework, and help others as well by answering the questions you can solve.

Be our Mentor, simply by contributing what you have learned, as we believe learning by teaching others is extremely effective. We welcome teachers, tutors, or even seniors, so long as you have a passion in sharing knowledge, this platform suits you best. All you need is just click on the sign up button, and start exploring.